To create a brand that is intentional, unique and authentic to every client. Behind every conversation, mock-up and final design, there's a designer that cares about you, your business and your vision.


Kierstyn Pare is the designer and creator behind Branded by KP. With every project Kierstyn works on, she aims to empower business owners to bring their brand story to life through intentional and authentic design so that they feel good about showing up both in person and online. Kierstyn has a well-rounded knowledge base in design, copywriting and strategy which enables her to take a holistic approach to your branding.

Growing up, Kierstyn always thought she was destined for a "numbers job" which required a lot of analytical thinking but something always led her back to her creative side. Ever since she was younger, Kierstyn dabbled in painting, acting, drawing, photography and of course digital design.

Kierstyn has always had an entrepreneurial spirit about her which has pushed her to think outside of the box and be able to relate to other business owners in terms of their brand vision. Her attention to detail, obsessive organization and efficient communication are just a few reasons why you'll enjoy working with her.

If you've been thinking about growing your online visibility and finding a way to connect with your dream clients in a way that ensures they have a clear vision of who you are and what you offer, let's chat. It starts with building a relationship founded on trust. We can build that foundation together.



Windsor, Ontario, Canada

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