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I'm Kierstyn Pare.

But most people call me KP.


I'm a coffee shop lover and 5am riser. I'm addicted to candy, organizing my calendar and helping you create the success you want and deserve - both online and IRL. I was born a dreamer, a go-getter and I've been hustling since I was in diapers.


Curious to know more? Read on below.

Digital Strategist, Brand Builder, and Business Coach, all-in-one? There’s no way...


Well my friend, let me introduce myself. Yes, I'm a Digital Strategist that helps action-oriented entrepreneurs (like you!) use social media to build relationships and grow your business. Yes, I'm your go-to gal when it comes to building a brand that’s so authentic it’s easy to show up consistently and confidently every single day. And heck, I even dabbled in building an online personal training business once… that’s a story for another time.

But what makes me a true master of my craft is my commitment to helping you create their own sunshine.

Whether it’s creating social media profiles that you can feel good about or helping you grow a brand that glows from the inside out, I put so much passion and positivity into working by your side to help you see the success you want and deserve.

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When I'm not obsessing over how to best use social media to connect with your target audience, you'll often find me building online courses (like the teacher my 6 year old self wanted me to be), gushing over e-mail marketing sequences, or sipping a caramel macchiato at one of the many coffee shops downtown Toronto.