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Kierstyn Pare, Digital Strategist & Brand Builder

I’m Kierstyn – an entrepreneur, digital strategist, brand builder, speaker and writer. I spend my days (and weekends!) working with businesses to implement strong brand and marketing initiatives in order to help them grow.

For the past four years I've been creating stunning websites, newsletters and social media content for various clients. I've also hosted some pretty rad events and spoke to numerous groups about topics ranging from entrepreneurship and marketing to health and wellness.

When I'm not helping other businesses create digital magic, you can usually find me sipping a caramel macchiato at one of our local coffee shops here in Windsor, Ontario while making too many to-do lists and listening to The Japanese House on repeat.

I am a 25-year old coffee addict, 5am riser and overachiever. Hello, self-awareness. I'm a sucker for some personal development and am on a continuous journey of building a life I love. Thanks for joining the ride. Hang on tight!

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Windsor, Ontario, Canada

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Tel 226-345-0532

Email hello@kierstynpare.com

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