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What is Brand Design?

Updated: Jun 24

So many people start a business, haphazardly throw their business name in a pre-made logo on Canva and just start pushing out content with no real strategy. Then they wonder why they are putting in all of this work but not getting the attraction they want from their ideal customers.

Brand Design is the very first (and probably most important!) step when you decide you're going to launch a business. Most people either skip this step or throw something together quick and call it a day.

I get how exciting it is to launch something new and to finally be able to share your business idea with the world but I promise, investing your time and money upfront into your branding is one of the best things you can do. It's going to set you off on the right foot and make for a smooth sailing ride.

So, what is brand design?

Brand design (or branding) is not just a logo – it's the way you make your audience feel and the experience you're able to give them. You can't simply accomplish that with one graphic. You need a whole suite of resources that will support you in showing up for your audience and building that connection with them.

Since your logo is a main focal point of your brand, it's easy to assume that that's all you need to start. In reality, a full branding suite (or brand kit) includes: a primary logo, an alternative logo, sub-marks, a colour palette, typography, patterns and illustrations as well as social graphics. All of these elements work together to create a consistent brand presence both online and offline.

When you show up for your audience online, they begin to recognize the colours and designs you're using. They see your logos and sub-marks on social media pages and your website. If you have a physical store, your branding translates into your signage and decorations. The products or services they buy from you are branded with your logos and tag lines.

Everything works together in unison to build brand loyalty and trust with your audience. That brand loyalty and trust turns your audience into paying customers.

Why should I invest in brand design?

When it comes to brand design, you have two options – you can do it yourself or you can hire someone to do it for you.

If you want to tackle your branding yourself, it's totally feasible. You can spend the time learning how to create a nice logo design, figure out some colours to include in your palette and start creating your own social media graphics. Here are some resources you might want to use:

Canva - Logo + Graphic Platform

1001Fonts - Free Fonts

Free Fonts for Commercial Use

Adobe Colour Picker - Colour Palette

Brand Board Template

Branding takes time and if you're doing it for the first time, it'll take you a bit longer. Be patient and don't rush it. This is an important step to having your own business and is probably one of the most enjoyable ones! (I'm only a tad biased)

If you don't have the time to create your own branding suite or you just want to "leave it to the professionals" you can hire someone to do it. Sometimes you just don't have the creative eye to be able to create your own brand design elements or colour palette. That's totally okay. Here at Branded By KP, I take that weight off of your shoulders and create you an entire branding suite that is intentional and authentic to you... and for an affordable price.

Whichever route you take, make sure you're not missing bits and pieces of your brand design. Each part plays an important role.






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