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How to: Add E-mail Templates in G-mail

I'm all about working efficiently and this has to be one of the tasks that keeps me the most productive.

  1. Go into your settings on Google (hint: it's the gear icon in the top right!)

  2. Click on the Advanced Tab.

  3. In the section where it says "Templates" make sure it is enabled, not disabled. Disabled is the default setting.

  4. Save.

  5. Compose an e-mail that you want to be saved as a template.

  6. Once the email has been drafted, click the three dots in the bottom right hand corner of the compost box.

  7. Hover up to templates and click "Save Draft as Template."

  8. Name it.

  9. Close the composer.

Now anytime you want to use that template, all you have to do is open the composer, click the three dots in the bottom right hand corner, hover up to templates and select the template you saved.

Happy productivity!





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