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Joyful Hostess | New Name, New Logo, New Brand

Updated: May 20

I just recently wrapped up a mini-brand design for a lifestyle blog called Joyful Hostess, run by Mara. Mara had reached out to me after a call we had with some other entrepreneurs and wanted to rebrand her blog after deciding to switch the name. What was once Glam Basted has now become the Joyful Hostess which is much more fitting for Mara's bubbly and joyful personality.

The Process Every time I work with a new client, I set them up with a brand questionnaire which allows them to do a deep-dive into their brand, who they are serving, why they are best to serve them and how they personally visualize their brand identity. It's this questionnaire that guides the rest of the branding process by giving me a clear understanding of who they are and what they do and don't like in their branding. In Mara's brand questionnaire and our questionnaire follow-up, we went over all of her answers in detail. One of the main things we talked about is how she didn't want to go for the traditional dainty and light design that most hostesses today go for. Mara wants her audience to know that hostessing can be fun without spending big bucks and having a massive home. Affordable, realistic hostessing for the average woman.

The Visual Identity

Through her brand questionnaire, a bit of inspiration she DMd me on Instagram, our follow-up call and my creative vision, we came up with the main logo design concept below.

In our brand questionnaire follow-up, Mara and I had discussed her answers and made sure we were on the same page for her logo design.

Typography: Mara had said that she really liked the font Nickainley in Canva and asked if I could work with that to create a logo design concept. I was able to pull together a combination between Nickainley and Quicksand to create this logo. Fun and playful with a hint of sophistication.

Colour Palette: The colour palette I choose for Mara was very energetic and colourful. She gave me a coral red colour that she was in love with and we based everything around that. We chose a yellow to represent the pineapple (see below). Colour names from left to right are Peony Pink, Coral Red, Pineapple Yellow and Ice White – all things associated with hostessing.

Symbols: We used one main symbol in Mara's branding and that was a pineapple. Pineapples are one of those fruits that are fun, funky and almost everyone loves them. We wanted to go with a geometric shape design because it adds that extra element of fun. The top of the pineapple also resembles a napkin on a table, thus relating to the hostessing concept.

In addition to Mara's main logo, I also gave her the pineapple sub-mark to use on anything she wishes.

Mara and I went through a round of edits before we finally came to this design but I couldn't be happier with how it turned out and how happy Mara was to see the final version.

What Mara Had to Say About Working Together

Working with Kierstyn was such a fun and collaborative process! Always a good sign when your brand designer is as passionate about your project as you are! She took the time to REALLY listen to what I wanted my brand to be about and then she delivered with her own special touches. One of the unexpected bonuses of the mini brand design was the brand questionnaire. The thought provoking questions really helped to clarify who my clients are and how I want to serve them. It was incredibly valuable! Thank you so much Kierstyn!

If you're interested in getting a brand design for yourself, check out my Work With Me page and see if you think we'd be a good fit!






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