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Updated: May 27

Just over a month ago, Nicole from Ready Set Nourish grabbed a full-brand design package. We've spent the last four to five weeks working together to give her a complete brand makeover and some direction on where to take her Personal Training & Nutritionist business.

The Process

Every time I work with a new client, I set them up with a brand questionnaire which allows them to do a deep-dive into their brand, who they are serving, why they are best to serve them and how they personally visualize their brand identity. It's this questionnaire that guides the rest of the branding process by giving me a clear understanding of who they are and what they do/don't like in their branding.

In Nicole's brand questionnaire and our questionnaire follow-up, we went over all of her answers in detail. The interesting thing about her questionnaire was that she had two very different visions for her brand – fun and colourful OR modern and simple. The inspiration she had sent me was a mix of bright pinks and purples combined with whites and earth tones. I knew that the first two logo design concepts I sent her would have to be based off of these two very distinct visions. We ended up going with a mix of the two!

The Visual Identity

Through her brand questionnaire, a bit of inspiration she DMd me on Instagram, our follow-up call, my creative vision and three rounds of edits, we came up with the main logo design and mood board concept below.

Typography: Nicole had mentioned she wanted something elegant but not too feminine. We decided to combine Monserrat for Ready Set with Hertine for Nourish. Nicole is able to play around with the Montserrat font styles to add a heavier weight or make it lighter.

Colour Palette: The colour palette I choose for Nicole was a combination of the two completely different visions she gave me at the beginning of our process working together. She liked the earth tones but wanted to add a few brighter colours to make it more her and represent her fun and playful side. The colours from left to right have been named Self Care, Lavender, Leafy Green, Drop of Water and Down to Earth – all representative of Nicole's brand mission and vision.

Symbols: We used one main symbol in Nicole's brand design and that was the leaf – used to represent growth and nourishment. The leaf was hand drawn.

In addition to the above main logo, we also worked on two alternative logos and a submark.

The Creative Collateral

Since Nicole grabbed the full-brand design package, she also gets a pattern/illustration and creative collateral of choice. She chose social media templates and social media profile icons.

The pattern we chose was very simple and elegant. It incorporates the Ready Set Nourish Symbol and an N to not only represent "nourish" but Nicole's name as well. The pattern can be used for social media graphics, business cards, letterhead designs and more.

The above social media graphics were created for Nicole's social media marketing efforts. As you can see, the pattern was used for two of the templates. The highlight icons below were created as well to drive home her overall Instagram profile.

It was such an amazing experience working with Nicole from start to finish on her brand design. Her package came with a 30-page brand guideline sheet that walks her through how to use her full branding kit in detail – everything from how to position the logo and knowing which file type to choose and when to colour codes, website templates and more. When you leave a project feeling like you and the client just went on a full journey together, there's nothing more fulfilling than that!

What Did Nicole Say About Working Together? Working with Kierstyn was a wonderful, wholesome experience. Her questions are thought provoking and thorough. She truly listened to what I wanted and what I didn’t even know I wanted. She listened to my feedback and made me feel comfortable to speak openly about my wants/needs. She has given me the confidence to further grow my brand in a way that represents my business as well as my personality. I highly recommend Kierstyn for all your branding needs. She’s such a kindhearted soul!

Think you need a re-brand? Check out my Work With Me page to see if there is something you like and if we'd be a good fit for each other!






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