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Rosie & Co. | An Elegant Mini Brand Design

Last week I wrapped up a mini-brand design with Shantal Johnson, a Sales Associate at Chuck Roy Real Estate. Shantal wanted to start up a small business of her own after realizing that her favourite children's consignment shop was closing up. Shantal came to me with an idea and we put together her branding in less than 48 hours.

The Process Every time I work with a new client, I set them up with a brand questionnaire which allows them to do a deep-dive into their brand, who they are serving, why they are best to serve them and how they personally visualize their brand identity. It's this questionnaire that guides the rest of the branding process by giving me a clear understanding of who they are and what they do and don't like in their branding.

Shantal came to me with a very fresh business idea – one that was simply just a thought. She took her own need as a new mom and made it into some magic. The brand questionnaire helped her immensely because it gave her some time to really think about this new business she wanted to build in detail.

The Visual Identity Through her brand questionnaire and my creative vision, we came up with the main logo design concept below.

In our brand questionnaire follow-up, Shantal and I had discussed the feeling she wanted people to get when they saw her brand elements. Playing on her daughter's name, we went with a simple, yet elegant rose design. Typography: Rosie & Co is in a font called Hertine and the EST 2020 is in Quicksand. Shantal was presented with numerous logo designs to choose from and she went with an elegant cursive script.

Colour Palette: The colour palette I choose for Shantal was very simple, natural and elegant, really playing up on the feminine side. From left to right the colour names are Earth, Calm Breeze, Rosie, Au Natural and Peachy.

Symbols: We used one main symbol in Shantal's brand design and that was a rose. Since the name is based off of her daughter Rosie, it only made sense to include a rose illustration as part of the logo. She will also be using this as a submark.

What Did Shantal Say About Working Together? "I had the pleasure of working with Kierstyn to bring my thoughts about starting a new business to fruition.  She is very quick to respond to emails and questions and I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful logo or colour palette.  Her patience, eye for design and pure love for what she does clearly manifests itself in her work.  I would 100% recommend her (and have done so) to anyone seeking out branding, marketing or logo design services." Think you need a re-brand? Check out my Work With Me page to see if there is something you like and if we'd be a good fit for each other!






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