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Last week I wrapped up a mini-brand design with a good friend of mine, Shontal. For the past five-ish years, she's been the creative vision behind The Preppy Scientist – an online blog where she would share life and style tips. As Shontal has grown and evolved, she decided it was time to re-brand the blog and give it a new fresh look. When she reached out to me, I knew we'd be able to create some magic together. I was right!

The Process

Every time I work with a new client, I set them up with a brand questionnaire which allows them to do a deep-dive into their brand, who they are serving, why they are best to serve them and how they personally visualize their brand identity. It's this questionnaire that guides the rest of the branding process by giving me a clear understanding of who they are and what they do and don't like in their branding.

In Shontal's brand questionnaire and our questionnaire follow-up, we went over all of her answers in detail. One of the main things we talked about is how she envisioned her brand as a person. Here's a bit of what she included in her questionnaire:

"My brand as a person is not far removed from myself. They would be a woman in their mid-twenties with a healthy mix of classic/modern style. She would have a little bit of an edge. They would likely be found hanging out in a library, coffee shop, gym, park, healthy restaurant or catching up with friends in one of those places."

Having known Shontal personally prior to working together I already had a sense of what she was going for. She wanted to incorporate some soft pinks and of course, her signature glasses. Shontal had mentioned that her glasses are the first thing she grabs in the morning and the last thing she takes off at night. She said that there was very little she could do without them. So, we decided to incorporate her signature style into her overall brand design.

The Visual Identity

Through her brand questionnaire, a bit of inspiration she DMd me on Instagram, our follow-up call and my creative vision, we came up with the main logo design concept below.

In our brand questionnaire follow-up, Shontal and I had discussed the feeling she wanted people to get when they saw her brand elements. She didn't want something super feminine with a script font and instead wanted something with a bit of edge.

Typography: In some of the inspiration Shontal had sent my way, she included a font called Celesse. Interestingly enough, this font was one I already had my eye on for her. Celesse is a serif font that has a bit of a weight to it. It's feminine but with an edge. I paired it with Montserrat, a sans serif font that is clear and easily legible giving it a modern touch.

Colour Palette: The colour palette I choose for Shontal was very simple, modern and elegant without being too girly. The light and dark pink tones are her primary colours and the navy blue is her secondary colour. We also included a couple of neutral tones she can used to accent. With each of my clients, I give their colour palette names to suit their branding. From left to right we have Fleece, Lace, Cherry Blossom, Sprinkle and Spring Denim.

Symbols: We used one main symbol in Shontal's brand design and that was her glasses. The glasses illustration was created from a photo she had sent me previously. We wanted to make them as authentic as possible.

In addition to the above main logo, we also worked on one alternative logo and a few submarks for Shontal. In our discussion, we wanted to create something that was fun and unique to Shontal and thus, we came up with the alternative logo below. Only naturally, I also gave Shontal the caricature of herself and her glasses as sub-marks to use.

Normally when I do a mini-brand design, I give the client the option to make one round of edits but Shontal was so pleased with the first round of designs she didn't even want to make any.

It was an absolute pleasure working with Shontal to give her already amazing blog a complete re-brand. It's such a fulfilling experience when you walk away from a project feeling just as excited about their new brand design as they do!

What Did Shontal Say About Working Together?

"So many of us have amazing ideas for a business or personal brand. What usually gets in the way, at least for me, is having the time and know how to execute those great ideas. Enter Kierstyn! She uses an extensive questionnaire to get to know you and your brand. She then takes that information to create a brand board that is everything you dreamed of and more! After filling out the questionnaire and speaking wth Kierstyn - I was blown away by her execution of my brand board. She nailed it on the first shot! Now I can spend more time building and preparing content for my website. I am so thrilled to get back to work on my blog and it’s all thanks to Kierstyn!"

Think you need a re-brand? Check out my Work With Me page to see if there is something you like and if we'd be a good fit for each other!






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